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Now (short summary)


Chapter Thirty-four
Tuesday 30th November

Two years later Manny doesn´t regret anything he did. He lives at Lisa´s parents´ house, only they are not together any more, but he still loves her. He wants to retake his GCSEs and all the choices that he does are now about him. Manny hasn´t spoken to anyone of his family except Ekbal, who hw meets often in town. His family moved to Oadby and he stopped being a factor in their lives. It hadn´t work without his best friend Ady, who still works with him in the supermarket. Manny has a new girlfriend, Jenny, and has to work hard, but it is his life now.

reading diary: part four (short summaries)

part four: the wedding

Chapter Twenty-nine

Manny kind of lives at Adys brother´s house. Ady and he work night shifts in a supermarket and Manny plans to take revenge on his family. Manny, who avoids all contact with his family, nearly gives up hope that Lisa gets in touch with him but Ady tries to arrange a meeting. Now the marriage is set and Manny´s plan begins. He meets Lisa, who is so happy to see him again.

Chapter Thirty

Manny spends the night with Lisa at her parents´ house and he invites them into his plan and has their backing. Lisa wishes that he simply get away from the whole thing, but it´s not as simple to Manny as she thinks. The girl´s family comes round on Sunday and Manny´s father gives him money because he is proud of him saying yes to the whole marriage thing. Manny can also win Ady for his plan.

Chapter Thirty-one
Friday 28th November

Although Jas defends Manny the family is not interested in him, which let them make him sick, all of them. He puts all his stuff into black bags and carries them to Ady´s place. Manny is nervous and excited about his new future. But first he has to go through the marry ceremonies.

Chapter Thirty-two
Saturday 29th November

Manny realizes that his own problems are mirrored by the problems faced by my football team. His father donates him more money and they celebrate a huge drinking party. There Manny has a little discussion with Ranjit and meets Ekbal who can´t believe that Manny is doing this shit.

Chapter Thirty-three
Sunday 30th November

It is Manny´s birthday, his wedding day. A maroon Mercedes brings him to the temple, but Manny must go to the toilets so they come too late. When they arrive, Manny needs to go to the loo again but escapes through one of the fire exits and Ady organized a car to pick him up. Manny has tricked his family and took revenge on them.

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reading diary: part three (short summaries)

part three: India

Chapter Sixteen

Manny arrives in Delhi and the heat is unimagible. It is about thirty degrees and they all sweat a lot. His family takes the bus to travel to the Punjab and Manny exposes the first lie of his dad. Later they pick a taxi to drive to his father´s hometown.

Chapter Seventeen

Manny describes the village as they arrive. He mentions the poor family´s houses and the ones from the richer families. When they arrive at their house, his whole family greets him and he and his family relaxes in the house. Because the rest of the family only speaks Punjabi, Manny misses a lot what they say, but he don´t care.

Chapter Eighteen

Manny got to know all the members of his family and tastes his first Indian cigarette. He is convinced that he isn´t about to be left in India by anyone, no way. He experiences that also bad people, druggies and whores, live in the village and starts thinking about home and Ady and Lisa.

Chapter Nineteen

Ranjit and his wife have to return to Leicester two weeks earlier because he has to work. After he spend six weeks in India, Manny feels homesick. He thinks about his future days and his father tells him that their tickets had been stolen so that they are stuck there. His dad and wife and his uncle go to sort it out and Bilhar and his wife go to see their family in Phagwara.

Chapter Twenty

Manny is nearly alone in the house so he is happy to be able to do what he wants. He is talking about his live with his new friend Interjit and makes a trip to Anandpur, because of he notices that only his suitcase is in the storage room.

Chapter Twenty-one

Manny realizes that his family had tricked him. They had gone back to Leicester and left him back in India. Manny is really exhausted and cries. He construckts his own little private area with a hammock between to trees. Afterwards he has a discussion with Mohan, who works for the family. He receives a letter from Jas, in which is written that the wedding is set and that his friends had tried to contact him. Because of the letter he thinks about Lisa and Ady. Later in the day he meets his youngest uncle Jag, who is kind of repudiated.

Chapter Twenty-two

Jag is the black sheep of the family, he spends a lot of time in Australia and other places, travelling and working. Manny needs to write to Ady to get all of his feelings of his chest but he isn´t allowed to writing or phoning anybody so he is depressed. While shouting at Uncle Piara, Jag defends Manny, who comes in and passes away because of a sunstroke. After that he has a nice conversation with Jag.

Chapter Twenty-tree

Uncle Jag tells Manny about his life and that he had left the village to go to school. He corrects the statements Manny had heard about him. In return Manny tells him about his life and all his problems. Jag proposes to make a plan how Manny could escape from India so Manny believes that his life is his own again.

Chapter Twenty-four
August/ September

They manage to get Manny´s passport and Mohan helps them with the arrangements. Manny has to make paratha and pick something up for Jag, everything a part of his master plan.

Chapter Twenty-fife

Manny waits for Mohan with the mysterious package and gets all his things together in a sack with kindling to hide them. As a thanks he gives his camera to Mohan, who is really thankful. At his last day Manny pays closer attention to everything and carries the sacks to the haveli. Then they discuss the next steps of the plan.

Chapter Twenty-six

Manny and Jag prepare the parathas and Manny sorts the children out to eat something different. After breakfast they hurry to a car and drive to Delhi.

Chapter Twenty-seven

Jag tells Manny that he mixed weed into the parathas so they wont notice their escape before midday. A bad surprise is that the next flight will be the next day at night, so they have to take a room at the metro.

Chapter Twenty-eight

Uncle Jag and Manny talk a lot and swap addresses and as Manny arrives at home his father punches him full in the face.